- The C Level Signature Program-

The complete framework positions you as an online expert, teaches you how to create content with intention and strategy, and markets your products and services like a pro.

Amazing price! Monthly payment plans are available. 
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Build an online business that positions you as the expert people know and love

The C Level Signature Program

✓ Online Expert Positioning
✓How To Niche Your Online Presence
✓ How To Create Intentional Content That Attracts 
✓ How To Batch Content & Save Time
✓ How To Automated Your Online Business
✓ How To Organically Grow Your Instagram Page
✓ How To Pitch Your Products & Services in the DM
✓ How To Create Emails That Nurture Leads  
✓ How To Create Branding & Marketing Funnels 

 *Speak with the coach every 7 days*

$2991 for 3 months of customized training.

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"The 24/7 CEO has saved me time, money, and a whole lot of stress! I am a frequent flyer for her programs and services because I continue to see the results after implementing her strategies and advice. She has a way of listening to your plans, hearing your purpose, and preparing a niche strategy that will position you to reach your target customer and financial goals. 

I recommend ALL of The 24/7 CEO's services and programs for anyone who is serious about saving their time and money so they can make less mistakes and more cake, cake, cake!!!

Chelsi Glascoe
Co-Founder & COO

 Social Shifter LLC. 

Online Design Experts


"Where do I even begin with the lovely Andrea?! Since working with her, not only has my business scaled, but my mindset has shifted tremendously. She has taught me how to present myself when I walk into a room, how to tell my story with a smile on my face, and how to own my craft.
With these changes, we have worked together to grow my exposure as not only a designer but THE designer. The designer that not only knows how to make spaces look good but who can break down why you hang a picture a certain way or why adding my luxury throw pillows and blankets will enhance the look of any space. I've always had it in me, but Andrea truly brought it out of me. On social media, I've gained over 300 followers within the past two months, made thousands in sales, and have added over 5 new clients to my design schedule!"

Shada Menefee
Interior Designer 

Flourish By Shada LLC.


"Andrea is THE TRUTH! She is truly God sent and shares her wisdom with those WILLING to listen. In a short time I have applied her principles to my new business. And in that time I have created a course which is filling up quickly! I used to be of the mindset that Believers had to just give & work ourselves to the bone. Not anymore! My gifts are being used according to God’s purposes, not a trauma induced scarcity mindset! I am a Proverbs 31 woman through & through. Andrea helped me understand my worth in ministry & business. I made $500 (and counting) off of my upcoming boot camp for a 2-hour session. Step out on faith with God & follow her tips! Invest in YOU. You will NOT be disappointed!"

Shan Mica
Founder & CEO

Narc Free Living LLC.


I know firsthand how it feels to show up and work hard. I've learned that without direction, you'll always end up being overworked and working backwards.

You're watching everyone kick butt and scale, and you're drowning trying to keep up with the basics.

How are you supposed to have the time and energy for the actual work? Generating leads, booking clients, and making product sales?

You need to monetize and automate your business so you can have the freedom to create, sell your products and services and enjoy your family, friends, and life.

You know what you need to do, but you're not sure how to start, what to do next, and how to tie it all in in a manageable way for you.

Yet you see all these influencers, experts, gurus, coaches, and small businesses making a killing online every single month and selling out of programs, services, products, and offers.

And you're hardly making sales, no one engages with your posts or promos, you have 100 ideas, and you're attempting to do so many things with minimal direction.

You started your company because you're good at what you do, and you want to help people and bring them joy. Still, your branding and marketing confuses your audience, your market sophistication is lacking, your content is not drawing, and the worst part is that you're not making any money or the type of money you desire to create.

So what do you do...

When you've done it your way for months, even years, without help and direction?

I'll give you a hint.

You should NOT

X Pray that God puts you on someone's heart to give you money for products and services that are not marketed and branded well enough for your price.

X Pay influencers to market your business that does not have a call to action or products and services ready to be sold.

X Have the mindset that hope and positivity will turn your business into a success without a professional work ethic and a solid branding and marketing strategy.

X Download every freebie you see online.

X Take every free webinar and class.

X Purchase every ebook for all types of coaches.

X Take a $497 course and think that it's going to solve all of your problems overnight.

X Continue believing that paying for a program is paying someone else instead of paying yourself.

X Join another group coaching program thinking that it will save you money, and you'll leave with a bunch of new friends.

X Think that investing by paying for coaching is all of the work.

X Give up and go out of business because tackling an area of improvement overwhelms you.

The key to running a successful business is different from the final product or service branded and marketed on a platform.

At the end of the day, it is your belief, work ethic, and training that will align your skills and place them in front of the right audience.

What a man/woman thinks they become.

When scaling your business, you cannot be a trusted, reparable, successful, multi-figured, dominant powerhouse or brand with a spirit and mindset of unbelief.

It is impossible to please God without faith, and faith is the component that makes mountains move.

Your belief is a byproduct of your faith, and you cannot walk into financial freedom, a promised inheritance, overflow, alignment, and abundance with a frugal mindset that is afraid to invest in your dreams.

If you want people to believe you are a leading expert, you have to position yourself as an expert.

Positioning yourself is more than performing (showing up and looking cute), just like branding and marketing are more than your aesthetic.

The key is monetizing, automating, creating with intention and strategy, and achieving the four-hour work week while scaling your business to generate the proper revenue.

Less burnout and more freedom is the goal.

I'm Ready To Get Started

Hey there, I'm Coach Andrea.

Brands hire me to develop digital marketing strategies, framework, and roadmaps that increase revenue & client growth. 

- Whats Included - 

 Let's take a look

Instagram & Website Audits

We start by looking at where you are now and customizing a roadmap to where you want to be.

What does it include:

✓Social Media Audit 

✓ Website Audit 

✓ Products and Service Audit

✓ Niche Session

✓ Instagram Bio Audit

✓ Link Page Audit 


Opt-in & Content Strategy Brainstorming

We brainstorm together to develop your ideal products and services. 

What does it include:

✓Opt-In (freebie) Audit, revision, or idea creation

✓ Niche social media content to attract your ideal audience

✓ Content creation overview (templates and tools to use)

✓ Batch work strategy and auto-scheduling 

Email Marketing Like A Pro

What does it include:

✓ Email Marketing Audit, suggestions, or setup instructions

✓ How to write email series 

✓ How to write the perfect email subject lines

✓ Email writing- Sales psychology 

✓ Email automation walkthrough



Online Branding & Marketing Coaching

Everything you need to know about online branding and marketing.

What does it include:

✓ Instagram facelift - template creation instructions

✓ Caption writing that attracts

✓ The Art of CTAs and how to use them.

✓ SEO Training to make sure your online business is positioned correctly

✓ Text message marketing training

✓ Instagram Ads

And that's not all...


  Get One-On-One Customized training tailored for your online audience and business

✓ Speak to me every 7 days for follow-up and new instructions 

✓ Create content with intention and no burnout

✓ Save time, money, and your sanity 

Client Onboarding Process

Ensure your client's onboarding process is, sleek, professional, and aesthetically appealing.

What does it include:

✓ Step-by-Step Onboarding Framework

✓ Guidelines, contracts, and client rule implementation.

✓ Payment Portal options for your clients 

✓ Client scheduling and client portal apps and options

Because you're serious and you understand this is an investment that builds you as a CEO and your Business, you will be open to:


Showing up as a CEO.
Showing up as an expert.
Take deliberate action and do your work.
Take accountability for the pace and outcome of your effort.
Exhibit and display emotional intelligence, so your feelings don't get in the way of your work.
Create deadlines and challenge yourself to meet them.
Build a system that works for you and your lifestyle.
Become a genuine C-Level Executive who accepts the responsibility and positions themselves for mental and financial freedom.

You deserve to show up as your highest self, make the impression you want to make, and live the lifestyle you want to live without worrying about being fired from a job, not being able to pay your bills, and juggling your finances to survive.

Starting a program like this does not mean you have to drop everything you're doing and start over. It does not mean you cannot learn and implement what you are learning immediately. You can be the woman who generates revenue in her business by knowing what to do next.

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✓ Build the business of your dreams 

✓ Learn how to brand and market like an expert

✓ Save time with clear direction and no runaround


Apply to work with...

Build an online business that positions you as the expert people know and love

The C Level Signature Program

✓ Online Expert Positioning
✓How To Niche Your Online Presence
✓ How To Create Intentional Content That Attracts 
✓ How To Batch Content & Save Time
✓ How To Automate Your Online Business
✓ How To Organically Grow Your Instagram Page
✓ How To Pitch Your Products & Services in the DM
✓ How To Create Emails That Nurture Leads  
✓ How To Create Branding & Marketing Funnels 

 *Speak with coach Andrea every 14 days*

$2991 for 3 months of customized training.

Start Now For $997 A Month