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VIP Day - Email Marketing Series Sales Copy (sales funnel)

VIP Day - Text Marketing Series Sales Copy (sales funnel)

Long-Form (landing page) Sales Copy For Products & Services

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"I highly recommend Coach Andrea for she is not only an expert in her field, but also extremely relatable. I chose to work with her with the VIP Day, an Online Expert Positioning Session. She has provided me with valuable, ready to execute tools and strategies for me to develop and grow my coaching business. I am truly grateful for her energy and encouragement. She’s sincere and motivating, and that makes it easy for me to trust the process and trust myself. She accomplished all of this in one session, so I can only imagine what it would be like working with her regularly. Thank you so much. 💕"

Kaamilya Pleas
Wellness Expert 

Founder & CEO

Plants On High 

"Andrea is THE TRUTH! She is truly God sent and shares her wisdom with those WILLING to listen. In a short time I have applied her principles to my new business. And in that time I have created a course which is filling up quickly! I used to be of the mindset that Believers had to just give & work ourselves to the bone. Not anymore! My gifts are being used according to God’s purposes, not a trauma induced scarcity mindset! I am a Proverbs 31 woman through & through. Andrea helped me understand my worth in ministry & business. I made $500 (and counting) off of my upcoming boot camp for a 2-hour session. Step out on faith with God & follow her tips! Invest in YOU. You will NOT be disappointed!"

Shan Mica
Founder & CEO

Narc Free Living LLC.


"Professionally, we aligned our skills to launch Social Shifter LLC. in 2020 and scaled it to be a 6 figure business in under 12 months! (I can’t believe it myself!) This was only made possible because Andrea is the CEO and visionary. She keeps our business ahead of the curve as she can predict social media trends from miles away and give step by step instructions to the team on how to execute. Andrea’s ability to simplify the complexities of social media and sales is what makes her my secret weapon.

I recommend ALL of The 24/7 CEO's services and programs for anyone who is serious about saving their time and money so they can make less mistakes and more cake, cake, cake!!!"

Chelsi Glascoe
Co-Founder & COO

Social Shifter LLC.


Marketing That Makes Cents


Imagine waking up with time to do the things you love because your online business is organized, automated, and designed to attract your ideal customers and clients.

With VIP days, you can increase your business with less stress, hassle, and hours spent creating compelling sales copy that attracts your ideal customers. 

Highlighting the benefits and solutions of products and services is an art. Let me help you convey your brand message loud and clear with amazing copywriting.

Save hours figuring out what to say and how to say it. 

 Start sending emails again or for the first time, sis.

 Start connecting with your audience through text marketing.

Improve your sales or social copy like a pro.

 Launch your campaign & connect.

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✓ Market At An Expert Level

✓Save Time & Reduce Work-Related Stress

✓ Regain Your Sainty & Peace Of Mind


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VIP Day - Email Marketing Series- Sales Copy

Hire me to write your next email marketing campaign.

What does it include: 

✓ Clarity Call

 3 to 5-day Email Marketing Series 


 Copy- Word Document

VIP Day- Text Marketing Strategy & Series -Sales Copy

Hire me to write your text campaign. 

What does it include:

✓ Clarity Call

✓ 5 Day Text Series

✓ Proofreading

✓ Copy- Word Document 


And that's not all...

I Can Write Your Sales Copy For Your Landing Page, Products, And Services.

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Landing Page Sales Copy

Hire me to write your sales copy for your products and services. 

What does it include:

✓Clarity Call

✓Sales Copy For a Product Or Service


✓Copy- Word Document


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My marketing agency helps CEOs, coaches & consultants develop marketing plans for social media, email, & text that increase revenue & client growth.

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VIP Days

VIP Day - Email Marketing Series Sales Copy (sales funnel)

VIP Day - Text Marketing Series Sales Copy (sales funnel)

Long-Form (landing page) Sales Copy For Products & Services


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