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8 Reasons Why Your Instagram Business Page Is Not Making The Impact You Want It To Make

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8 Reasons

When it comes to Instagram for business, there are millions of coaches and gurus who have figured out every hack and trick in the book.

Many have discovered there are many ways to excel in business on Instagram. However, somehow with all the information out there, you still find your Instagram business page falling flat with low traffic, low engagement, and no real opportunities for a sale.

You might be telling yourself you need more followers to make money and an impact. You need to stay on social media longer and promote more. You need to download every freebie and study all the tips and tricks to get on top, but the truth is, that is not true.

Sure, if you're not promoting your business at all, you need to promote more, and if you're not sticking around to engage with your audience and community, you need to spend a little more time adding that to your routine.

However, suppose you're living on Instagram and currently doing those things and still not producing the desired outcome. In that case, your issue may be more profound, and you may be missing a few steps in the process of attracting your ideal audience using Instagram for business.

As a coach who started with a similar struggle, I'm going to give you 8 points of reference to examine to make sure you're doing these things to improve visibility, credibility, and authority so your online business or brand can grow and make a strong impact.

Tip 1: Dont Post & Ghost

Posting pictures, services, products, promo, or sales and disappearing will not give you the desired response.

Online consumers are making intelligent purchases, and contrary to popular belief, people don't buy products and services. They buy into other people.

When you post and ghost, you don't make an authentic or memorable connection with those within your online community who are seeking an experience with you. This makes your brand look generic, and in 2022 A generic brand screams scam.

Your audience wants to know that there's a representative behind the account who wants to engage with them, wants to educate them, wants to learn more about them, and wants to support them. When you show up and engage with your audience, they begin to imagine what your products and services are like, especially if they have a positive and welcoming experience with you online.

Posting and engaging are equivalent to good customer service.

And when you post and ghost, you serve no one at all.

Tip 2: Don't Skip The Caption

Unless you're Kylie Jenner, you won't get away with posting two hearts as a caption and reaching 12 million likes and a ton of business because of it.

But your brand can be built from the ground up with authentic supporters who are eager to purchase from you at every stage in business, even in the beginning stages.

One of the best ways to set the tone of your brand voice is by utilizing the 2000 characters Instagram gives you to microblog in your captions.

People want to see you and hear you.

Captions tell stories, take us on journeys, and make us stop and think for a moment. Well, at least a good caption does, and that's all the more reasons you should use them to your advantage.

You can educate your audience caption.

You can inspire your audience through your caption.

You can create an intimate space that will open the door for others to engage with you in the comment section by intentional social copy in your caption.

Tip 3: Use a CTA

Having a call to action (CTA) is just as important as having a caption for your posts; that's why I always add a CTA within my caption to instruct my audience on what to do next.

When we add a CTA, we tell our audience how to find more of what they just read or saw and where to go for more.

Commonly used CTA for online business:

  • Click the link in our bio and subscribe to our email list for more.
  • Click the link in our bio, subscribe to our text message list, and let's chat.
  • Click the link in our bio, and join the waitlist now. Be first to know when our new product drops.
  • Click the link in our bio, and subscribe to our email list for a 25% discount code for a single product on our website.
  • Click the link in our bio and snag your freebie now.
  • Tell me what you feel about _______ in the comments below.
  • Tag a friend in the comment section who would love this product.

Tip 4: Develop A Niche

A niche market is a small segment of the larger market, and the smaller size allows for more focused marketing strategies.

And like I always tell my clients, "A person who attracts everyone attracts no one at all."

People excelling in online business understand the power of micro specialization (niching). Being niched means it's easier for your target audience to find you on Instagram. Because you micro specialize in a specific thing, the person with that problem will usually use a target word or a keyword to find an expert specializing in what they are looking for.

When I was looking for an aesthetician, I did not think to go to google or yelp; I went straight to Instagram, typed in aesthetician in the search bar, and put in my location.

Do you know what happened after that?

Hundreds of aestheticians are in my area popped up on my screen, and it was so easy for me to find the right one and get a proper review of their work because their Instagram page with up and running, and micro specializing in what I needed.

The power of a niche.

Tip 5: Develop Content Pillars

Content pillars are the subjects and topics that make up your content marketing strategy. They unify your brand image, drive engagement, and increase your company's authority on social media.

Sticking to your content pillars allows you to be highly visible because you show consistency, which builds credibility.

The key to knowing the proper content pillars for your business, piggyback off of being niche. If you don't know who you are and whom you serve, you cannot bring a consistent brand message to your audience to help you make the impact you want to make.

Tip 6: Develop Content Clusters

One of the most effective ways to create a content marketing campaign that works is by using "clusters" of ideas that revolve around each content pillar.

This concept can be applied in businesses with 6 to 9 content clusters revolving around one pillar.

For example, if your content pillar is "time management," then your content clusters should be something along the lines of:

Daily operating systems
Reminders etc.

Tip 7: Create A Desirable Opt-In Resolution 

An opt-in is a way of ensuring that interested consumers can register their interest in a product or service by subscribing to your email or text list and permitting you to contact them outside of the social media platform.

The best way to target your audience and grow your email or text list is by having a desirable opt-in resolution (freebie) that grabs your audience's attention.

When you write captions, you can use your opt-in as a CTA to organically grow your marketing list and nurture your audience on the backend.

Tip 8: Get Or Use A Email Marketing System

Building an email list is crucial because it allows you to develop closer relationships with your prospects, leads, and customers.

Remember, we don't own our social media platforms, so if our page happens to "go away," so will all our business.

The life of your business is your email list. Instagram followers are not customers or even leads. They're prospects, and they become a lead once they opt-in for your emails and backend marketing.

An email list protects you from tech changes, social media platforms burning out, and going out of style and keeps constant communication with your audience.


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