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Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy by Marketing to Who Matters

marketing strategy niche marketing seo Jan 28, 2022

When creating products, marketing information, blog content, and really anything, you must understand exactly who your ideal customers are. These are the only people who matter when you create any product, sales copy, or information.

Try the following tips to boost your digital marketing strategy by marketing to who matters to ensure that you are successful.

Develop Audience Personas

 Create several audience personas based on your audience members and where they are in their buying cycle and your marketing funnel. You’ll want to know their name, demographics, what keeps them up at night, and what their intent is depending on where they are in their buying cycle.  

Understand What You’re Really Selling

You’re never selling what you think you are. It’s not a product, and it’s not a service. Instead, you’re selling the promise of a solution. You’re selling the ability to sleep at night. You’re selling time freedom. You’re selling a solution that will help your ideal audience.

Look into Your Google Analytics

If you already have a business, you are in luck because if you’ve installed Google Analytics (or any other analytics per platform), you can find out more about the people who are engaging the most with your content, purchasing your products, and using your services.


Get Interactive

Don’t get afraid about the idea of being more interactive and engaging with your audience. You can use chatbots, AI, and other technology to give the illusion of two-way human-like engagement and interaction. What’s more, customers like using these self-help solutions.

Listen to Your Audience via Social Media

Set up alerts so that if your brand name or your personal name (depending on how you do business) is mentioned, you’ll get notifications so that you can view it. You can learn a lot about your audience this way.

Track What Your Competition Is Doing

You can also find out more about your audience by following, researching, and interacting with your competitors. Watch how the audience reacts because you can glean a lot of information from what they are doing before you spend money implementing something new. 

Create Problem-Solving Content

Speak in the Voice Your Audience Bests Responds To

Learning all you can about your audience and developing the personas can help you amplify your brand voice so that your audience best responds because they understand the message more.

 By narrowing down the information, you share it with your audience. The only person who would want the data is your ideal customer; you reduce wasted time trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Instead, focus on putting your products and services in front of those who already want them. Your list will explode, and so will your sales.


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